Zulfikar Ghose

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Principal Works

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The Loss of India (poetry) 1964

Statement against Corpses [with B. S. Johnson] (short stories) 1964

Confessions of a Native-Alien (autobiography) 1965

The Contradictions (novel) 1966

Jets from Orange (poetry) 1967

The Murder of Aziz Khan (novel) 1967

The Incredible Brazilian: The Native (novel) 1972

The Violent West (poetry) 1972

Crump's Terms (novel) 1975

The Incredible Brazilian: The Beautiful Empire (novel) 1975

Hamlet, Prufrock, and Language (criticism) 1978

The Incredible Brazilian: A Different World (novel) 1978

Hulme's Investigations into the Bogart Script (novel) 1981

A New History of Torments (novel) 1982

Don Bueno (novel) 1983

The Fiction of Reality (criticism) 1984

A Memory of Asia: New and Selected Poems (poetry) 1984

Figures of Enchantment (novel) 1986

The Art of Creating Fiction (nonfiction) 1991

Selected Poems (poetry) 1991

The Triple Mirror of the Self (novel) 1992

Shakespeare's Mortal Knowledge (criticism) 1993

Veronica and the Gongora Passion: Stories, Fictions, Tales, and One Fable (short stories) 1998

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