Zoa (Morin) Sherburne

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Jane Cobb

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The more one considers the before and after of the Misses, Queens and Princesses … the more interesting the situation becomes. These are not just pretty, costumed girls beaming out of the newspaper—the Miss or Princess career has a beginning and an end. In "Princess in Denim" Zoa Sherburne presents such a career in interesting detail.

The heroine is Eden, a nice girl who keeps house for her father and likes to ride horseback. Her friend Steve enters her picture in the contest for Tulip Princess….

[She] became Tulip Princess, and she had a wonderful time. Then the wheels of commerce began to grind; she was entered in the Miss Washington contest and it wasn't fun. It was vicious and exhausting. The entire experience was tough on Eden, but she learned a lot about herself and life, as will the reader.

Jane Cobb, "Contest Winner," in The New York Times Book Review, March 23, 1958, p. 36.

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