Zilpha Keatley Snyder James Norsworthy - Essay

James Norsworthy

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

A brief review such as this does not permit full recounting of the exciting characterizations, marvelous depth and intricate yet most readable plot that Mrs. Snyder has created [in And All Between]. Although a sequel to her well received Below The Root, this work is an even more powerful story. In this reviewer's opinion And All Between ranks as Mrs. Snyder's best book yet! Her presentation of two different societies that evolved from that of our earth somewhere in the future is a compelling and forceful commentary on our actions today. A superior book….

James Norsworthy, "Children's Books: 'And All Between'," in Catholic Library World, Vol. 48, No. 3, October, 1976, p. 138.

This third volume in Snyder's admirable Green-sky trilogy [Until the Celebration] continues to mirror contemporary issues in a soundly realized future world…. This is intellectual fantasy in that the ideas are in complete control, but throughout the trilogy they always come embodied in well-paced action. And if personalities fail to materialize (though Raamo himself is sacrificed near the end you won't really grieve, having identified chiefly with his views), character is consistently strong and shaded.

"Younger Fiction: 'Until the Celebration'," in Kirkus Reviews (copyright © 1977 The Kirkus Service, Inc.), Vol. XLV, No. 3, February 1, 1977, p. 95.