Yutang Lin Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

War-Time Essays (essays) 1934

The Little Critic: Essays, Satires and Sketches on China (essays) 1935

My Country and My People (nonfiction) 1935

A History of the Press and Public Opinion in China (monograph) 1936

Confucius Saw Nancy and Essays about Nothing (essays) 1937

The Importance of Living (nonfiction) 1937

The Birth of a New China: A Personal Story of the Sino-Japanese War (nonfiction) 1939

Moment in Peking: A Novel of Contemporary Chinese Life (novel) 1939

With Love and Irony (nonfiction) 1940

A Leaf in the Storm: A Novel of War-Swept China (novel) 1941

The Wisdom of China and India [editor] (nonfiction) 1942

Between Tears and Laughter (nonfiction) 1943

The Wisdom of Confucius [editor and translator] (nonfiction) 1943

The Vigil of a Nation (nonfiction) 1944

Chinese Ideals of Life (nonfiction) 1944

The Gay Genius: The Life and Times of Su Tungpo (novel) 1947

Chinatown Family (novel) 1948

On the Wisdom of America (nonfiction) 1950

Widow Chuan (novel) 1952

The Vermilion Gate: A Novel of a Far Land (novel) 1953

Looking Beyond (novel) 1955; republished as Unexpected Island, 1955

Chuang-tzu [translator] (nonfiction) 1957

Lady Wu: A True Story (novel) 1957; republished as Lady Wu: A Novel, 1965

The Secret Name (nonfiction) 1958; also published as The Secret Name: The Soviet Record, 1917-1958, 1959

From Pagan to Christian (autobiography) 1959

The Chinese Way of Life (nonfiction) 1959

The Red Peony (novel) 1961

Imperial Peking: Seven Centuries of China (nonfiction) 1961

Pleasures of a Nonconformist (nonfiction) 1962

The Flight of the Innocents (novel) 1964

The Chinese Theory of Art [editor] (nonfiction) 1967

Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage (nonfiction) 1972

Eighty: An Autobiography (autobiography) 1975

Imperial Chinese Art (nonfiction) 1983

Crossing the Gate of Death in Chinese Buddhist Culture (essay) 1995

Crossing the Threshold of Liberation (essays) 1995

A Golden Ring: An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation (essays) 1995

The Sixfold Sublimation in Limitless-Oneness (essays) 1995

Wisdom and Compassion in Limitless-Oneness (essays) 1995