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Your Blues Ain't Like Mine is a compelling narrative of life, love, and hatred in a rural Mississippi town. The relationship of Lily and Floyd is marked by drama and heartache. There are several poignant quotes in this work which speak to loneliness and desperation, as well as physical and emotional abuse.

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Lily, one of the main characters and the wife of Floyd, has a tragic life marked by sadness; joy for her is fleeting. The following quotes describe her frequent feelings:

Lily began to feel strong and hopeful, as if she was being healed. Colored people's singing always made her feel so good. Much too quickly, the song was over, without even leaving an echo to keep her company.

As Lily lay in bed looking out the window into the wee hours of that Mississippi morning, it seemed as if someone had drawn down a heavy black curtain on the world. She felt lonely and adrift in the sudden quiet.

She yearned for something wild to touch, see, or feel. Some excitement.

The following quote relates to how Lily desires loving affection from her husband but is often let down:

Disappointment gripped her shoulders like an old friend.

Here is one quote which describes the abuse of Lily by Floyd:

The slap caught her by surprise; it was heavy-handed and so full of meanness and rage she couldn't even cry.

Another quote captures Floyd's cruel nature before he kills a man for simply speaking to Lily:

Floyd's face, the dear and loathing and monstrous rage coagulating around the set of his mouth, the cruelty in his stare.

These next lines reveal the controlling nature of Floyd's relationship with Lily:

[Floyd to Lily] "And you sure can't take yourself."

[Lily to Floyd] "No, Floyd, I sure can't. I need you to take me. I need you for everything."

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