Young Goodman Brown Lesson Plan

by Tessie Barbosa

  • Released February 06, 2023
  • Literature subject
  • 16 pages
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Grade Levels

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11


1. Why does Faith want Goodman Brown to stay at home with her?

Faith says that women alone are troubled with dreams and likely to get scared.

2. What is Goodman Brown’s opinion of his wife?

He thinks that she is pure and angelic.

3. Whom does Goodman Brown first meet in the woods? How does he compare to Goodman Brown? What is he wearing? What does he carry?

Goodman Brown meets an old man, who is about 50 years old. The two look very similar, as though they could be father and son. The old man is dressed similarly to Goodman Brown in “grave and decent attire.” He carries a staff that has a snake carved in it.


This is a 17-page lesson plan for "Young Goodman Brown" written, tested, and approved by working classroom teachers. The main components of this plan are the following:

  • Reading comprehension and discussion questions
  • Vocabulary exercise
  • A multiple-choice test
  • Essay questions

The plan is divided into a teacher and a student edition. The teacher edition provides complete answer keys.