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What is the theme of the novel The Other Side of Truth?

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One of the themes of the novel The Other Side of Truth is the importance of family, and another is strength in adversity.

Nothing is more important than family.  After their mother is killed in Nigeria, the children’s father sends them to England in hopes of a better life.  Their life might be safer, but they are separated and their quality of life is uneven.  Since they are alone on the trip, they never make it to the family member they were supposed to go to and end up in good and bad foster care.  Once their father returns to look for him, he is arrested.

Strength in the face of adversity is demonstrated by Sade.   Everything falls upon Sade.

Sade soon lost track.  Asylum, immigration officers,  forms, questions, interviews… it all sounded strange and difficult. (p. 96)

Eventually, Sade goes looking for the newscaster she saw on television so she can make her father’s story public and get him set free.  If he is deported to Nigeria, he will be executed.  When Sade’s teacher asks to talk to her outside of class, she passes out.

It seemed that the school now knew something about Papa.  Did they know about Mama?  Did they know what happened to Mama after the ambulance men carried her away under a blinding white sheet? (p. 218)

Despite the difficulty, Sade perseveres.  She is able to reach the newscaster, and get her father freed.

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