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Can you provide a short summary of the novel Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz?

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Masquerade is the second novel in the Blue Bloods series.  The series focuses on vampires who are also upper-class New Yorkers, and the book concerns a masquerade ball and a mystery.

The Blue Bloods are wealthy socialite vampires.  “Blue blood” is a term for someone who is from a wealthy family.  The story centers around the Four Hundred Ball, “the party of the year” (p. 14) which is an event for only the elites of the elites.  Vampire teens will debut at the ball, with their vampire identities revealed.  After the ball is a masquerade, or costume party. 

The Blue Bloods go to school with mortals, Red Bloods, and have them as friends.

It was Ava Breton, a fellow sophomore—a Red Blood—and yet very popular.  Almost all of Ava’s friends were Blue Bloods, although she didn’t know it. (p. 71)

Schuyler Van Alen has just found out that she is a Blue Blood.  She is worried because other young vampires seem to be missing, so she searches Italy for her grandfather, because she wants him to help her fight the silver bloods, but he is not interested. 

By the end of the book, Shuyler has a real problem.  Not only does she need to stop the sinister Silver Bloods, but she might be one!

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