Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Write a character analysis of Nancy Wheeler and make an effort to account for her lying.

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2. Miles J. Benedict, Jr., is a first-year teacher. How effective is he initially? How effective is he by the end of the year? Benedict's students seem to like him. Why? Write a paper on the effectiveness of Mr. Benedict's teaching.

3. Religion at its best has a civilizing effect of people. What effect does it seem to have on Barbara Simon's parents? Why? Write a paper on religion as a healer of conflicts and a beginner of them.

4. Read a guide to female development written for young girls as they approach adolescence that is recommended by a librarian or doctor. How close is Mar-garet's development to that described in the guide? Are there differences? If so, where do they occur? What is the good of knowing such information? What does Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret add to the discussion of female development that you have read?

5. Write an essay about Margaret's attraction to Moose Freed. How does Moose replace Philip Leroy in Margaret's affections?

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