Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret Chapter 6 Summary

Judy Blume

Chapter 6 Summary

At school the next day, Mr. Benedict asks to speak privately with Margaret, and he asks why she wrote that she does not like religious holidays. This makes Margaret nervous because she is the only one singled out like this. Does Mr. Benedict think she is abnormal?

Margaret tries to dodge Mr. Benedict's question, but he presses her for an answer. Eventually she admits that her family is not religious. He seems pleased by this explanation, which comes as a relief to Margaret. Still, as she goes out to recess, she reflects that nobody in New York ever cared about her religion. Here in New Jersey, it seems to be the main thing on everyone’s mind—and the main thing that makes her stand out.

That evening, Grandma calls to say she has bought season tickets to the Lincoln Center for herself and Margaret. This pleases Margaret, who will enjoy spending time with Grandma every month. She knows that her parents will allow these visits because they involve high culture, which her parents deem vital.

On Saturday, Moose comes to mow the lawn. Margaret’s father hides indoors so nobody sees his still-bandaged hand, but Margaret goes outside to watch Moose work. She brings a book along and pretends to read it whenever he glances her way, but mainly she admires his smile and the way he hums while he mows. Privately, she reflects that she would write his name in her boy book if she dared. But Nancy hates Moose for being friends with her brother, and Margaret is scared to do anything Nancy might not like.

In the afternoon, Margaret and her mother go bra shopping. Their first stop is the ladies’ lingerie department, but the saleswoman directs them to the teen department instead. According to her, the teen department is the only place with bras in “very small sizes.” Margaret finds this statement embarrassing.

At the teen department, Margaret hangs back and lets her mother do the talking. Then the saleswoman measures Margaret’s chest and, with a small smile at Margaret’s mother, suggests something called a Gro-Bra. “It grows with you,” she explains: “You’re not quite ready for the double-A.”

Margaret takes a selection of Gro-Bras to the dressing room, but she cannot get the bras on by herself. Her mother has to come in to help. After trying them, Margaret tentatively chooses the one she finds least uncomfortable.

When Margaret’s mother goes to pay for the bras, Margaret hangs back. She sees Janie from the club, who blushes and claims to be shopping for pajamas. Margaret sees bras laid out on the counter in front of Janie but says nothing about them. Instead, she smiles and claims to be buying pajamas, too. They promise to see each other on Monday at the next club meeting.