Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret Chapter 19 Summary

Judy Blume

Chapter 19 Summary

For three whole weeks, as long as the stupid group project lasts at school, Margaret is in an awful mood. Her group is full of annoying people, and to make matters worse, they refuse to choose a cool country, like France or Spain, for their project. They vote to write about Belgium, a country Margaret considers stupid.

For three weeks, Margaret thinks nonstop about stupid Belgium. Philip Leroy turns out to be really lazy, and he just sits around doodling instead of helping. Norman Fishbein works hard, but he is such a slow reader that he does not do his share of the work. Aside from Margaret, the only good worker is Laura Danker—but Margaret does not say so because she does not want to compliment a girl with a bad...

(The entire section is 595 words.)