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Other literary forms

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Although the married name of Yosano Akiko (yoh-sah-noh ah-kee-koh) was Yosano (placed before her personal name, in the normal Japanese order), she is commonly called Akiko, which is her “elegant name.” Among her many translations and modernizations, the most enduringly popular is her modern Japanese version of the greatest Japanese novel, Genji monogatari (early eleventh century; The Tale of Genji, 1881), written by Murasaki Shikibu. Akiko’s version was published in 1912 and 1939. This monumental work revived general interest in Murasaki and other classical authors; it is included with Akiko’s autobiography, novels, fairy tales, children’s stories, essays, and original and translated poetry in the standard Japanese edition of her works, Yosano Akiko zensh (1972).