York Plays The Plays - Essay

The Plays

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

i. The Creation, Fall of Lucifer

ii. The Creation to the Fifth Day

iii. God Creates Adam and Eve

iv. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

v. Man's Disobedience and Fall

vi. Adam and Eve Driven from Eden

vii. Sacrificium Cayme et Abell

viii. Building of the Ark

ix. Noah and the Flood

x. Abraham's Sacrifice

xi. The Israelites in Egypt, the ten Plagues, and Passage of the Red Sea

xii. Annunciation, and Visit of Elizabeth to Mary

xiii. Joseph's Trouble with Mary

xiv. Journey to Bethlehem: Birth of Jesus

xv. The Angels and the Shepherds

xvi. Coming of the Three Kings to Herod

xvii. Coming of the Three Kings, the Adoration

xviii. Flight into Egypt

xix. Massacre of the Innocents

xx. Christ with the Doctors in the Temple

xxi. Baptism of Jesus

xxii. Temptation of Jesus

xxiii. The Transfiguration

xxiv. Woman Taken in Adultery, Raising of Lazarus

xxv. Entry into Jerusalem

xxvi. Conspiracy to Take Jesus

xxvii. The Last Supper

xxviii. The Agony and Betrayal

xxix. Peter Denies Jesus: Jesus Examined by Caiaphas

xxx. Dream of Pilate's Wife: Jesus before Pilate

xxxi. Trial before Herod

xxxii. Second Accusation before Pilate: Remorse of Judas: Purchase of Field of Blood

xxxiii. Second Trial Continued: Judgment on Jesus

xxxiv. Christ Led up to Calvary

xxxv. Crucifixio Christi

xxxvi. Mortificacio Christi

xxxvii. Harrowing of Hell

xxviii. Resurrection: Fright of the Jews

xxxix. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalen after the Resurrection

xl. Travellers to Emmaus

xli. Purification of Mary: Simeon and Anna Prophesy

xlii. Incredulity of Thomas

xliii. The Ascension

xliv. Descent of the Holy Spirit

xlv. Death of Mary

xlvi. Appearance of Our Lady to Thomas

xlvii. Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin

xlviii. The Judgment Day

xlix. Coronation of Our Lady (fragment)