Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Gabriel Harrison

Gabriel Harrison (Governor Charles Craven), a young man of commanding presence and gay, worldly manner. A stranger looked on with suspicion by some of the South Carolina frontiersmen, he wins them over through his valiant leadership in defending the colony against the Yemassee uprising. He then reveals that he is the new governor of the province in disguise.

Parson Matthews

Parson Matthews, who dislikes Harrison until won over by his heroism. Matthews’ insistence on the friendliness of the Indians, in spite of Harrison’s warnings, results in his and his daughter’s capture and in their subsequent rescue by Harrison.

Bess Matthews

Bess Matthews, the parson’s daughter, who is in love with and loved by Harrison. The parson finally gives permission for their marriage.


Hector, Harrison’s devoted slave and constant companion. After undergoing various ordeals on behalf of or with his master, he refuses Harrison’s offer to give him his freedom.


Sanutee, the last great Yemassee chief. Proud and suspicious of the increasing encroachments of the colonists on Yemassee territory, he rouses his people to cast out the land-selling chiefs and to make war on the settlers. He is killed in battle.


Occonestoga, Sanutee’s son, a drunkard. He is friendly with...

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