What is the narrative structure of "The Yellow Wallpaper"?

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Narrative structure refers to how a text is organized. This story is structured chronologically, which means that it moves in order of time from the first event that is described by the narrator, moving into an "ancestral home" for the summer so that she can recuperate from some mental illness, to the last, when the narrator no longer recognizes her own identity and believes that she is the woman she has freed from her wallpaper. We could also say that the text's structure is epistolary. An epistolary text is composed entirely of writings—often letters or diary entries—and the narrator does tell us early on that she is writing her story on "dead paper" because she has no one to talk to about what is happening to her. She can write things that she does not dare say to her husband John. Later, she mentions that she has to "put this away" when her husband comes up the steps because he does not want her to work or write anything as part of her recovery. Then, two weeks go by, and she claims that she hasn't "felt like writing" since the day they moved into the house. Thus, we can ascertain that the entirety of the text is written in some form, and this qualifies it as an epistolary story.

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