Yehuda Amichai Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(World Poets and Poetry)

Yehuda Amichai (ahm-ih-KI) has written three volumes of fiction and a book for children. Lo me-’akshav, lo mi-kan, a novel, was published in Hebrew in Tel Aviv in 1963 and translated into English as Not of This Time, Not of This Place in 1968. A collection of short stories, Be-ruah ha-nora’ah ha-zot, was published in Tel Aviv in 1961; a translation of about half the stories appeared in English in 1984 under the title The World Is a Room, and Other Stories. Amichai also wrote a play for the radio, titled Pa ’amonim ve-rakavot (1968; pr. as Bells and Trains, 1966). Two of his plays, No Man’s Land and Masa’ le-Ninveh (journey to Nineveh) were performed in 1962 and 1964, respectively.