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During the decade before Harold Ross’s death in 1951, several magazines asked James Thurber to contribute essays about Ross and about Thurber’s adventures with him in the weekly production of The New Yorker. Thurber declined these requests, but in 1957, Charles Morton, of The Atlantic Monthly, queried Thurber repeatedly about the possibility of a series of articles on Ross. One of these queries reached Thurber in the Bahamas just as he was giving up the writing of a play on which he had been working for several months. He said yes to Morton and wrote and published in The Atlantic Monthly several articles about Ross in 1957 and 1958. Upon realizing, however, that “the restless force named Harold Wallace Ross could not be so easily confined and contained,” he elected to amplify the written record of his memories of Ross considerably. In 1959, he published The Years with Ross.

Thurber indicates in his foreword to the book that from the beginning he avoided the writing of a formal biography. Nevertheless, many facts of Ross’s life—as well as Thurber’s—make their way into the book. Its principal device is the anecdote, and Thurber is himself able to supply many of these in building up a very solid— though never solemn—sense of Ross’s character. Citations concerning Ross from the letters and works of other people are copious without ever causing the work to seem crowded or chaotic. There was chaos in the...

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(Literary Essentials: Nonfiction Masterpieces)

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