(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

Late in the evening, a drugstore owner and his assistant are closing up for the day. Sam Carr, the small, gray-haired proprietor, stops Alfred Higgins, his adolescent helper, just as the young man is leaving for home. Alfred has worked there for six months, and this is the first time Mr. Carr has ever varied the evening routine of bidding his employee “good night” without even looking at him. Alfred is unnerved by his boss’s softly menacing manner as he blocks his exit.

Mr. Carr asks Alfred to empty his pockets before he leaves. When Alfred feigns surprise and then indignation, Mr. Carr reveals that he knows the exact items that Alfred has stolen that evening: a compact, lipstick, and toothpaste. Moreover, he tells Alfred that he has suspected him of petty thievery for some time but wanted to be proved wrong because he liked him. Now, he believes, he has no alternative but to call in the police.

Mr. Carr pauses to let Alfred absorb the full impact of his sense of betrayal and disappointment. Alfred admits to himself that repeatedly he has been in serious trouble since leaving school and has been unable to hold on to a job. He feels afraid and ashamed. Mr. Carr seems to sense Alfred’s emotional pain and decides to call Alfred’s mother before summoning the authorities. Clearly, Alfred is at a decisive point in his life.

Anxious to appear indifferent and self-reliant, Alfred is nevertheless hoping desperately to be rescued...

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(Short Stories for Students)

‘‘All the Years of Her Life’’ is set in a drugstore in an unnamed city that may well be New York. The story begins one evening in...

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