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In The Yearling, how does Fodder-Wing's death impact Jody positively and negatively?

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The death of Fodder-Wing, Jody's best friend in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' novel, The Yearling, naturally has a strong effect on a boy so young. Fodder-Wing is the first person that Jody has known to die, and although he is aware of the young Forester boy's poor health, it still comes as a surprise. Jody is especially distraught because he wanted Fodder-Wing to see his new, unnamed fawn, and he planned to ask his friend's opinion on a name. When the older Forester brother tells Jody that they had discussed the new-found deer before Fodder-Wing's death, Jody feels some relief. The grief is lessened even more when he discovers that Fodder-Wing has decided upon an appropriate name: Flag. 

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