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What is the name of Grandma Hutto's dog in The Yearling?

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Grandma Hutto's dog's name is Fluff. It was named because of how fluffy he is. Fluff is a friendly, playful, sweet pet and is kind to people visiting Grandma Hutto.

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Grandma Hutto has a small, white dog named Fluff. He's named for the fluffiness of his coat. Since her husband is long gone, Fluff is her main companion and they love each other very much. Still, Fluff gets excited when they have company over.

When Jody goes to visit Grandma Hutto, he calls the dog to him. Jody is desperate for a pet of his own and the opportunity to play with Fluff is exciting for him. Even though the dog can't be his, it's at least an opportunity to interact with an animal. He's eager to frolic and play with him.

Fluff is equally happy to see Jody. He runs across the room and jumps to lick his face. Later, he plays outside with Old Julia while Jody watches.

When Jody thinks of Fluff, he thinks that he wishes he could have a dog like him. Fluff has curly fur and is cute. When Grandma Hutto laughs, Fluff jumps into her lap and licks her face. Jody is jealous of that kind of affection. He wants a pet because he wants something that loves him enough to run up, jump on him and lick his face.

Fluff can also do tricks. He's a sweet and clever dog.

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