The Yearling Chapter 29 Summary
by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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Chapter 29 Summary

Baxter becomes temporarily crippled due to his rheumatism because of the cold in February. Jody does the light chores and keeps the house supplied with wood, but mostly he and Flag go hunting and playing. One day he sees Flag in silhouette at the top of a rise; seeing the creature from a new perspective, Jody suddenly realizes how big Flag has gotten. Baxter looks at the young buck speculatively, seeing the same thing, and confirms that Flag is almost a yearling. He tells Jody things will begin to change for Flag, though his horns will not begin to show until July.

Flag is in “increasing in disgrace, at best,” because of his antics; and Ora is not pleased with Flag’s “wild and impudent” behaviors. Flag is growing more restless at night and finally Ora forbids him to come into the house and, after a bit of consideration, Baxter agrees with her. The next morning Baxter discovers that Flag has trampled nearly all of the tobacco plants. Jody defends his animal friend, of course, and Baxter relents and agrees not to tell Ora. Jody begins thinking of ways to keep Flag out of mischief, though he assumes Flag will not do such a destructive thing again.