The Yearling Chapter 27 Summary
by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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Chapter 27 Summary

The next morning, the Baxters tell Grandma Hutto, Oliver, and his wife goodbye, as the Huttos are leaving immediately for Boston. Ora and Grandma Hutto even embrace. Baxter tells them they are always welcome at Baxter Island. The steamboat is just coming around the bend in the river when Oliver’s new wife presents Jody with a gift for fighting on Oliver’s behalf. Twink gives him a kiss on the cheek and Jody thinks it is quite agreeable.

As Grandma Hutto begins to board, Baxter tried to express his love for her, but his voice breaks and then the Huttos have to board the ship. As the two groups wave and holler goodbye to one another, the boat makes one final whistle before disappearing down the river.

The Baxters head home with heavy hearts. Jody opens his package, a small pewter canister for his gunpowder. He wonders if Easy Ozell will follow Grandma Hutto to Boston. Ora would have turned the Forresters in to the authorities for their heinous act of arson, but Baxter reminds her they have no proof of their guilt. Jody is thrilled to be home and cannot wait to go tell Flag all about the adventures he has had over the past few days.