The Yearling Chapter 16 Summary
by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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Chapter 16 Summary

The fawn follows Jody everywhere. Buck is a hard worker but he “fills the Baxter cabin until it bulges.” Though he eats an astonishing amount of food, Ora does not complain because he works very hard and keeps her supplied with game. Baxter’s strength is returning slowly.

Buck shows Jody evidence that foxes have been eating the corn and promises to teach Jody to be more serious about caring for the farm and the crops. Buck and Jody smoke the bees out of a honey-tree and gather several tubs of honey; however, Buck feels as if he should go home. He has a bad feeling in his heart about Fodder-wing. That night, Jody and Buck prepare to hunt the fox and Baxter wishes he could go, too. He and Buck tease good-naturedly about the dog Baxter traded Lem for the gun. Lem was not amused.

Now they hear the dogs barking and Buck borrows Baxter’s new gun. They take two shots and kill two adult foxes. As they near the cabin, they hear both Baxter's screaming and discover a bear just leaving the yard chased by the dogs. At the fence, the bear turns to slash at the dogs. Buck shoots and the bear falls.

Baxter guesses the bear was attracted by the fawn (which is unharmed) and the honey. After Jody checks on the fawn, he helps the men dress the two-year-old male bear. Buck will take some bear grease for his mother and a piece of the liver to strengthen Fodder-wing. Buck wants to tell hunting stories, but Jody feigns sleep so he can sneak out to the barn and bring the growing fawn into his room to sleep. He will use the bear as an excuse if he must.