Part 2, Chapter 12 Summary

Elinor and Anna visit some of the elderly villagers and all but one are doing well. They find James Mallion sitting in the dark looking undernourished, so they take him outside and Anna mashes food for him. He grabs her arm and asks her why he has been spared when so many young people have died. She cannot respond, so she pats his hand and shakes her head. On the way back to the rectory, Elinor begins to cough, and even though she tells Anna not to worry, Anna weeps.

Over the next three days, Elinor’s fever rises and Mr. Mompellion and Anna try to comfort her. Anna enjoys the time when Mr. Mompellion is called away so that she can be alone with Elinor because Elinor has become such a significant person in her life:...

(The entire section is 775 words.)