(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

Hot jock and jet-setter Pablo Diaz lives a nonstop racehorse life in the greed and lust of the United States in the 1980’s. Flying from city to city, horse to horse, woman to woman, and bed to bed, Diaz’s way of living parodies that of an American businessman with no morals.

Successful as a horse-race jockey, Diaz is misguidedly proud of his accomplishments and immorality. Living a hollow life with almost no friends or family values, he goes from race to race, winning most of them, only to wind up dead at the end of some sort of spiritual descent. Diaz has plenty of money, goes through women like socks, often buys expensive presents for his wife and two children, snorts cocaine, drives Mercedes and other expensive cars, and prides himself on all of the above. Perhaps with some recognition that something is wrong, he decides to take his son Lorenzo on a racing trip with him to Florida. He is unable to establish a relationship with his son, however, because he does not know how to have a friendship with anyone, and succeeds only at impressing the boy with such particulars of his lifestyle as big cars, women, and tips. He returns home with expensive presents for all, including a three-thousand-dollar Zuni Indian necklace for his wife.

Diaz loses, wins, or places in a series of races, as instructed by his trainer, Jeff Hialeah, and has a string of hotel visits with women such as Helen Stadler, a blond he meets on a plane, and Ginny Gottlieb,...

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