Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Lockwood describe the Yorkshire section of England?

2. What makes Lockwood enter the gate, despite Heathcliff’s rudeness?

3. Whose name does Lockwood see carved into the threshold, and why can’t he ask about it?

4. What does Lockwood’s instinct tell him about Heathcliff’s reserved manner?

5. Why does Heathcliff leave Lockwood alone with his dogs?

6. What does Lockwood do to cause the dog to attack him?

7. How do Joseph and Heathcliff react to Lockwood’s cry for help?

8. What reasons does Lockwood give for deciding not to make a further issue about his attack?

9. What final impression does Heathcliff have of Lockwood?

10. Does Lockwood give a reason for wanting to visit again?

1. Lockwood describes Yorkshire as a beautiful country, completely isolated, and “a perfect misanthropist’s heaven.”

2. Lockwood was interested in a man who was even less friendly than himself.

3. Lockwood sees the name Hareton Earnshaw, but can’t ask about it because of Heathcliff’s impatience.

4. Heathcliff’s reserve believes Lockwood is a result of an aversion to showy displays of feeling.

5. Heathcliff has gone to find Joseph, who has not responded to his call.

6. Lockwood winked and made faces at the dogs, which caused one of them to break into a fury and attack.

7. Joseph and Heathcliff make no effort to come to Lockwood’s aid.

8. Lockwood sees it would be foolish to sulk just because of some dogs, but mainly, he does not want Heathcliff to be amused by him being upset.

9. Lockwood sees that Heathcliff is very intelligent.

10. No. Lockwood merely says that he will return despite Heathcliff’s obvious reluctance. Lockwood is clearly fascinated by a man less sociable than he.

Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Lockwood decide to return to the Heights?

2. Who lets Lockwood into the house?

3. How does Lockwood make himself look foolish to the young woman in the kitchen?

4. How does Lockwood respond when she asks him if he has been invited to stay for tea?

5. Who does Lockwood at first assume the young lady to be?

6. What does Lockwood intend to do when he incorrectly assumes she is married to Hareton?

7. Who unexpectedly tries to accompany Lockwood home?

8. How is Cathy related to Heathcliff?

9. What causes Lockwood to run out of the house?

10. Who comes to Lockwood’s aid when he is again attacked by the dogs?

1. Despite the chilly weather, Lockwood wishes to escape the disruption of his servant girl cleaning.

2. Hareton beckons to Lockwood from the yard and leads him into the kitchen.

3. Lockwood mistakes a pile of dead rabbits for her pet dog, causing her to sneer, “a strange choice of favorites.”

4. He tells her that she is the proper person to have issued the invitation.

5. Lockwood assumes the young lady is Heathcliff’s wife.

6. He intends to make her regret choosing Hareton for a husband by making her fall in love with him.

7. Hareton unexpectedly offers to escort Lockwood part of the way home.

8. Cathy is Heathcliff’s daughter-in-law, although her husband is dead.

9. Insulted by Heathcliff’s insistence that he be under supervision while at the Heights, Lockwood runs outside, grabs a lantern, and tries to leave.

10. As she did in Chapter 1, Zillah rescues Lockwood.

Chapter 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Lockwood discover on the window ledge?

2. What is described in Catherine’s diary?

3. How does Catherine view Hindley and his wife?

4. What torments Lockwood during his first dream?

5. What wakens Lockwood from this dream?

6. Who begs to be allowed into the room?

7. How does Lockwood get free from the child’s grasp?

8. How many years has the child’s ghost been wandering?

9. What is Heathcliff’s reaction to Lockwood’s screams?

10. Why does Heathcliff raise his hand to Cathy?

1. Lockwood discovers a few mildewed books piled in a corner.

2. Catherine describes a dreary Sunday afternoon in which she and Heathcliff are forced to endure Joseph’s religious sermons.

3. Catherine thinks Hindley and his wife Frances are selfish, foolish lovebirds, negligent in their care of she and Heathcliff.

4. Lockwood is tormented by Joseph, who threatens him for his sins, and leads an attack on Lockwood.

5. A dry fir tree branch, brushing against the window, awakens Lockwood.

6. A ghostly child, calling herself Catherine Linton, begs Lockwood to let her enter.

7. He tricks her into letting go by telling her he cannot let her in if she doesn’t let go.

8. The ghost says she has been a wandering waif for twenty years.

9. Heathcliff curses Lockwood for being in the room, threatens Zillah for taking Lockwood there, and, when alone, tearfully begs Catherine to enter.

10. Heathcliff is infuriated by the sight of Cathy sitting idly reading instead of earning her keep. When she refuses to work, he raises his hand to hit her, but she jumps away.

Chapters 4 and 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Heathcliff live at the Heights instead of the Grange?

2. How is Cathy related to Hareton?

3. Who are the last remaining members of the Earnshaw and Linton families, respectively?

4. Under what circumstances did Heathcliff arrive at the Heights?

5. How did Heathcliff get his name?

6. What was the cause of Hindley’s alienation from his father?

7. What sort of relationship did Heathcliff have with Hindley?

8. Where is Hindley when his father dies?

9. How does Catherine generally behave?

10. How do Catherine and Heathcliff react to Earnshaw’s death?

1. Although the Grange is a nicer home, Heathcliff prefers to rent it out and live in the Heights.

2. Cathy and Hareton are first cousins; Cathy’s mother, Catherine, and Hareton’s father, Hindley, were siblings.

3. Hareton is the last remaining member of the Earnshaw family, and Cathy is the last remaining Linton.

4. Heathcliff was found, orphaned and starving, on the streets of Liverpool by Mr. Earnshaw, and brought home to be raised as a member of the family.

5. He was named Heathcliff, after a son who had died in infancy.

6. Due to Earnshaw’s preference for Heathcliff, Hindley began to regard his father as an oppressor rather than a friend.

7. Heathcliff and Hindley hated one another; Hindley would physically torment Heathcliff, while Heathcliff used manipulative methods to antagonize Hindley.

8. Hindley is away at college when his father dies, mostly because their relationship is so difficult.

9. Catherine loves to tease her family and servants, yet is affectionate. She is considered too poorly behaved by her father to be his favorite.

10. Catherine and Heathcliff comfort each other in a touching and innocent scene observed by Nelly.

Chapters 6 and 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What surprise does Hindley bring when he returns home?

2. What is Nelly’s opinion of Frances?

3. What stern measures does Hindley impose on Heathcliff?

4. What circumstances cause Catherine to remain at the Grange?

5. How do the Lintons treat Heathcliff?

6. How has Catherine changed during her stay at the Grange?

7. When does Nelly begin to feel guilty about Heathcliff?

8. What does Heathcliff want Nelly to help him do?

9. What advice does Nelly give Heathcliff?

10. What causes Heathcliff to swear everlasting revenge on Hindley?

1. Hindley returns home with a wife, much to everyone’s surprise.

2. Nelly thinks Frances is foolish, although she finds her thin, young, and fresh complexioned. Although she mentions that Frances has a troublesome cough, Nelly doesn’t worry or sympathize.

3. Hindley no longer allows Heathcliff to eat or live with the family. He is sent to live in with the servants and work among them.

4. Spying on the Linton children, Catherine is bitten on the ankle by their dog, and is invited to recuperate at their home.

5. The Lintons treat Heathcliff as if he were a thief, and throw him out of their house.

6. After five weeks with the Lintons, Catherine returns home with much improved manners, and dressed like a fashionable young lady.

7. Alone in the kitchen, reflecting on Christmas’ past, Nelly begins to feel pity for Heathcliff, and resolves to try to help him.

8. Heathcliff wants Nelly to help him be decent and good.

9. Nelly advises Heathcliff that a cheerful disposition will improve his looks; she also tries to boost his self-esteem by suggesting he is better looking than he thinks.

10. The final insult for Heathcliff is having Hindley evict him in front of Edgar Linton. Unable to endure Hindley’s abuse any more, Heathcliff vows lifelong revenge.

Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Mr. Kenneth’s diagnosis of Frances’ condition?

2. Who will care for Hareton once Frances dies?

3. How does Hindley react to Frances’ death?

4. What happens to the household?

5. What is Nelly’s opinion of Catherine’s attitude?

6. How does Catherine maintain “a double character”?

7. At the age of sixteen, how does Heathcliff appear?

8. What is Heathcliff’s complaint when he visits Catherine?

9. What does Catherine do to drive Edgar away?

10. What advice does Nelly give Edgar?

1. Mr. Kenneth believes that tuberculosis will have killed Frances before winter.

2. Hareton will be entirely under Nelly’s supervision.

3. Hindley becomes despondent. He mainly gets drunk and returns home in wild and unpredictable moods.

4. All the servants except for Nelly and Joseph leave. No one, not even the curate, comes to visit anymore.

5. Nelly finds Catherine unbearably haughty, arrogant, and overly impressed with her own beauty.

6. Catherine maintains a “double character” by remaining headstrong at home, but lady-like at the Lintons.

7. Heathcliff has completely lost any self-esteem he might have had under Mr. Earnshaw’s protection. Unschooled and morose, he seems to encourage aversion rather than friendliness.

8. Heathcliff complains that Catherine spends all her time with the Lintons instead of with him.

9. Catherine has a peevish tantrum during which she pinches Nelly, lies about it, and hits Hareton and Edgar, as well.

10. Nelly advises Edgar to leave once he has discovered Catherine’s true nature.

Chapter 9 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What are Hareton’s feelings for his father?

2. Why does Hindley dangle Hareton over the stair rail?

3. Who saves Hareton?

4. Why is Heathcliff angry with himself?

5. Why does Catherine say she loves Edgar?

6. What fault does Nelly find with Catherine’s answer?

7. What bothers Catherine about her decision to marry?

8. What causes Heathcliff to run away?

9. How does Catherine become ill?

10. Why must Nelly leave Hareton?

1. Hareton is terrified of his father, never knowing if he will be kissed or killed.

2. Hindley is angered...

(The entire section is 226 words.)

Chapter 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Lockwood so pleased when Heathcliff visits?

2. What information about Heathcliff does Lockwood wish to know?

3. What has Catherine’s life been like at the Grange?

4. After how many years does Heathcliff return?

5. How does Catherine react to his return?

6. Why is Heathcliff living at Wuthering Heights?

7. Who becomes infatuated with Heathcliff?

8. Why does this cause Edgar distress?

9. How does Catherine react to Isabella’s interest in Heathcliff?

10. How does Catherine embarrass Isabella?

1. Lockwood has been alone, recuperating...

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Chapters 11 and 12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What vision causes Nelly to rush to the Heights?

2. What does she discover about Hareton?

3. How does Catherine learn of Heathcliff’s attentions to Isabella?

4. How does Catherine react?

5. When does Edgar confront Heathcliff and order him to leave?

6. Why does Edgar hit Heathcliff?

7. What demand does Edgar make of Catherine?

8. How does Catherine react to Edgar’s order?

9. Why doesn’t Nelly take Catherine’s hysteria seriously?

10. What news does Kenneth bring of Isabella?

1. Nelly sees an omen of Hindley’s impending death.


(The entire section is 188 words.)

Chapters 13 and 14 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Is Catherine’s recuperation completed?

2. What gives Edgar further hopes for her recovery?

3. What does Isabella write to Edgar?

4. How does Isabella now regard her husband?

5. What impression does Isabella get of Hindley?

6. Why does Hindley warn Isabella to lock her bedroom door?

7. What does Nelly ask Edgar to do?

8. How does Isabella appear when Nelly visits her?

9. Why does Isabella tell Nelly she cannot return home?

10. What requests does Heathcliff make of Nelly?

1. No, while Catherine’s return to physical health is coming slowly,...

(The entire section is 256 words.)

Chapters 15 and 16 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Catherine do with Heathcliff’s letter?

2. What does Catherine accuse Heathcliff and Edgar of doing?

3. What about Heathcliff and Catherine’s embrace disturbs Nelly?

4. Why won’t Catherine let go of Heathcliff, even as Edgar approaches?

5. How does Edgar react when he sees Catherine in Heathcliff’s arms?

6. When does Catherine finally die?

7. How do Edgar and Heathcliff mourn Catherine?

8. What does Heathcliff pray for when Catherine dies?

9. Who is absent from her funeral?

10. Where is she buried?

1. Catherine lets the...

(The entire section is 244 words.)

Chapter 17 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why has Isabella returned to the Grange?

2. What plan did Hindley have for Heathcliff after the funeral?

3. Why does Isabella warn Heathcliff of Hindley’s trap?

4. What prevents Heathcliff from beating Hindley to death?

5. How does Isabella finally get away from Heathcliff?

6. How does Nelly’s response to Isabella’s criticisms of Heathcliff show that her feelings toward him have mellowed?

7. Who has helped Edgar overcome his grief at losing his wife?

8. Where does Isabella go after her escape?

9. How does Hindley dies?

10. Why does Edgar decide not to fight Heathcliff regarding...

(The entire section is 290 words.)

Chapters 18 and 19 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Cathy want to visit Pennistone Crag?

2. Where does Nelly locate Cathy?

3. How did Cathy and Hareton meet?

4. For whom does Cathy mistake Hareton?

5. Why doesn’t Cathy believe Hareton is her cousin?

6. What are some of Nelly’s observations regarding Hareton?

7. How has Joseph treated Hareton?

8. How do the villagers speak of Heathcliff?

9. How does Linton arrive at the Grange?

10. Why does Edgar agree to let Linton go to his father the following morning?

1. Bored by her restrictions to Thrushcross Park, Cathy wants to explore...

(The entire section is 284 words.)

Chapters 20 and 21 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Nelly feel sorry for Linton when he leaves his uncle’s house?

2. How do Joseph and Heathcliff react when they meet Linton?

3. What does Linton say to Nelly when she leaves?

4. How do Hareton and Linton get along?

5. What plan does Heathcliff have for Linton and Cathy?

6. Why does Cathy leave Wuthering Heights upset with Edgar?

7. How does Heathcliff embarrass Hareton?

8. How do Linton and Cathy develop their relationship?

9. What are Cathy’s feeling for Linton?

10. How does Nelly put a stop to their correspondence.

1. Nelly feels...

(The entire section is 291 words.)

Chapters 22 and 23 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who does Cathy say she loves more than herself?

2. How does Cathy become Heathcliff’s momentary captive audience?

3. Why does Heathcliff say Linton is dying?

4. Why does Nelly grudgingly permit Cathy to check on Linton?

5. About what do Cathy and Linton quarrel?

6. What makes Cathy feel guilty about the quarrel?

7. Why does Cathy feel compelled to return the next day?

8. Why is Edgar unaware of Cathy’s visit to Linton?

9. How long does Nelly remain ill?

10. During that time, what has Cathy been doing?

1. Cathy loves her father more than...

(The entire section is 250 words.)

Chapter 24 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What makes Nelly suspicious about Cathy’s behavior?

2. Who has been assisting Cathy in getting to the Heights?

3. How does Nelly react to Cathy’s lie?

4. Who helps make Cathy’s visits to Linton pleasant?

5. What different visions of heaven do Cathy and Linton have?

6. Why does Cathy call Hareton a “dunce”?

7. Of what does Nelly accuse Cathy?

8. Of whom does Linton remind Joseph, watching him pound at the door and scream?

9. What causes Cathy to forgive Linton?

10. What does Edgar consent to do for Linton?

1. Cathy makes unfounded...

(The entire section is 269 words.)

Chapters 25 and 26 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What surprises Nelly about the passage of time?

2. How does Nelly know Lockwood has fallen in love with Cathy?

3. Does Nelly believe that Linton will soon die?

4. What is unusual about Cathy’s seventeenth birthday?

5. How does Cathy mistake her father’s condition?

6. Of what does Linton wish to convince Edgar?

7. What shocks Cathy and Nelly when they meet Linton in the moor?

8. Why can we assume Linton insists on Cathy waiting half an hour?

9. What excuses for his poor condition does Linton ask Cathy to give her father?

10. Why can we assume Linton wants Cathy to misrepresent his...

(The entire section is 270 words.)

Chapter 27 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whom does Edgar believe Linton takes after?

2. Of what does Cathy accuse Linton when she comes to meet him?

3. What reason does Linton give for wanting her to stay?

4. Why is Heathcliff interested in learning how long Edgar is expected to live?

5. What directions have Heathcliff given Linton about how to behave with Cathy?

6. How does Nelly respond when Heathcliff asks her to take Linton inside?

7. How does Heathcliff induce Cathy and Nelly to enter the house?

8. What does Heathcliff say he would do to Linton and Cathy, if he lived in a less civilized country?

9. Why do the servants at the Grange...

(The entire section is 308 words.)

Chapters 28 and 29 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Zillah believe has happened to Nelly?

2. Why does Nelly tell Linton she is shedding tears?

3. How does Linton stand to see Heathcliff strike Cathy?

4. How does Edgar plan to alter his will?

5. After the four men return without Cathy, what does Nelly resolve to do?

6. Why was the lawyer late in responding to Nelly’s summons?

7. Why does Heathcliff believe Cathy will learn to hate Linton?

8. What happened the night of Catherine’s funeral?

9. What has been killing Heathcliff slowly, over the years?

10. Why can’t Cathy bring her pony to the Heights?


(The entire section is 314 words.)

Chapters 30 and 31 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Zillah so unfriendly towards Cathy?

2. Who aides Cathy in nursing Linton?

3. How does Hareton react to Linton’s death?

4. Why does Zillah remain behind when Heathcliff is gone and Joseph is at church?

5. What does Hareton do while Cathy sits reading by the fire?

6. Why is Cathy forced to sit in the kitchen with Hareton and Zillah?

7. What decision does Lockwood make concerning the Grange?

8. Why can Cathy not answer Nelly’s letter?

9. How does Lockwood try to spare Hareton’s feelings?

10. How does Heathcliff react to the news of Lockwood’s departure?


(The entire section is 286 words.)

Chapters 32 and 33 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How long has Lockwood been away from Yorkshire?

2. What is different about Hareton’s appearance?

3. About what do Nelly and Joseph argue?

4. Why did Heathcliff remove Nelly from the Grange?

5. How does Cathy tempt Hareton into accepting her book?

6. In what manner does Cathy finally win Hareton over?

7. Why does Nelly advise Cathy to be discrete about Hareton?

8. Why is Joseph angry at Hareton?

9. What does Hareton tell Cathy regarding Heathcliff?

10. What change in himself does Heathcliff sense?

1. Lockwood is returning after three...

(The entire section is 232 words.)

Chapter 34 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What time of year does Heathcliff’s death take place?

2. What perplexes Cathy about Heathcliff’s behavior?

3. For how many days does Heathcliff bewilder everyone?

4. How does Heathcliff respond to Nelly’s asking him why he is behaving so oddly?

5. Why does Nelly decide she is being foolish to wonder if Heathcliff is a ghoul or a vampire?

6. About what do Joseph and Heathcliff converse?

7. To what does Nelly attribute Heathcliff’s unseen vision?

8. What does Heathcliff say he wishes he could do with his property?

9. What has Heathcliff died from?

10. How does Lockwood bid Nelly...

(The entire section is 268 words.)