Wuthering Heights Overview Quiz

An orphan named Heathcliff comes to live with the wealthy Earnshaws. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff become very close but their bond causes a lifetime of friction for all involved in their lives. Be sure you recall the details of this tumultuous love story by taking the eNotes quiz for Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.

  1. Who is the ghostly child Lockwood sees and speaks to?

  2. From whom does Lockwood learn about the history of Catherine and Heathcliff?

  3. Where is Catherine buried?

  4. What does Joseph accuse Lockwood of stealing?

  5. Which of these characters thinks he or she has seen Catherine’s ghost?

  6. Which is NOT one of the names inscribed in the books Lockwood finds?

  7. How old is Linton when he is reunited with (young) Catherine?

  8. What does the word "wuthering" mean in Yorkshire dialect?

  9. Who was responsible for Hareton during his early childhood?

  10. What is inscribed over the threshold over Wuthering Heights?

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