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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

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Chapters 8–9 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions:

  1. What does the doctor say about Frances’s health?
  2. What is Hindley’s reaction to the doctor’s news?
  3. What happens to Hindley after Frances’s death?
  4. What happens to Frances’s baby?
  5. Why is Catherine upset that Heathcliff is taking the day off?
  6. Why does Catherine claim that she doesn’t want to spend time with Heathcliff?
  7. What does Catherine do to Edgar?
  8. What does Edgar do later that night?
  9. Why is Catherine conflicted about accepting Edgar’s proposal?
  10. Why does Heathcliff run away?

Quiz Answers:

  1. The doctor says that Frances is ill and will soon die.
  2. Hindley refuses to believe the doctor and insists that Frances is getting better.
  3. Hindley becomes a violent drunk and terrorizes the whole household.
  4. Her son, named Hareton, is put into Nelly’s care.
  5. Catherine knows Edgar will be stopping by and dreads another encounter between him and Heathcliff.
  6. She tells Heathcliff that his lack of education makes him a boring companion.
  7. Catherine instinctively slaps Edgar.
  8. Edgar proposes to Catherine.
  9. Catherine loves Heathcliff, but she feels that she cannot marry him.
  10. Heathcliff only overhears Catherine say that she cannot marry him, and he leaves before she explains her true feelings.

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