Wuthering Heights Chapters 6–7 Questions and Answers
by Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights book cover
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Chapters 6–7 Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions:

  1. Why does Nelly suspect Hindley kept his new wife a secret from Mr. Earnshaw?
  2. How does Hindley treat Heathcliff after returning to Wuthering Heights?
  3. Why does Catherine stay with the Lintons after she and Heathcliff are caught spying on them?
  4. How does Catherine change during her time at Thrushcross Grange?
  5. What does Catherine say that offends Heathcliff?
  6. What does Nelly suggest Heathcliff imagine about his origins?
  7. Why does Heathcliff get so upset with Edgar Linton?
  8. What does Heathcliff do in response to Edgar’s comment?
  9. How does Catherine react to the conflict between Heathcliff and Edgar?
  10. Who does Heathcliff swear to get revenge on?

Quiz Answers:

  1. Nelly suspects that Frances probably has neither money nor connections, and Hindley was afraid Mr. Earnshaw wouldn’t approve of the marriage.
  2. Hindley demotes Heathcliff, forcing him to become a servant at the house.
  3. The Lintons keep Catherine because they recognize her as a member of the gentry and want to tend her ankle.
  4. Catherine becomes much more ladylike, both in manners and appearance.
  5. Catherine calls Heathcliff dirty and unfavorably compares him to Edgar and Isabella Linton.
  6. Nelly tells Heathcliff that, were she in his position, she would imagine that she was long lost royalty.
  7. Edgar Linton makes a comment about Heathcliff’s hair looking silly.
  8. Heathcliff throws hot applesauce at Edgar.
  9. Catherine blames Edgar for getting Heathcliff in trouble.
  10. Heathcliff swears to get revenge on Hindley.