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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

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Chapters 32–33 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions:

  1. Why is Lockwood in the area?
  2. Why can Lockwood still stay at Thrushcross Grange even though he moved away?
  3. Where is Nelly Dean?
  4. What does Lockwood notice about the outside of Wuthering Heights?
  5. What does Nelly tell Lockwood when he says he is looking for Heathcliff?
  6. Why did Heathcliff summon Nelly to Wuthering Heights?
  7. What causes the confrontation between Cathy and Heathcliff?
  8. Why does Cathy regret trying to turn Hareton against Heathcliff?
  9. Why is Heathcliff startled when he walks in on Cathy and Hareton reading?
  10. Why has Heathcliff lost interest in revenge?

Quiz Answers:

  1. Lockwood is visiting a friend when he realizes he is not far from Thrushcross Grange.
  2. Lockwood is still technically renting Thrushcross Grange, even though he does not live there anymore.
  3. Lockwood is told that Nelly Dean has moved to Wuthering Heights.
  4. Lockwood notices that the gate is unlocked and that flowers have been planted in the yard.
  5. Nelly informs Lockwood that Heathcliff died a few months ago.
  6. Heathcliff unexpectedly called Nelly to Wuthering Heights to help keep Cathy out of his sight.
  7. Cathy convinces Hareton to pull up some of Joseph’s old trees to make room for flowers, and Heathcliff is mad at her for altering his property.
  8. Cathy eventually realizes that Heathcliff is like a father to Hareton and, knowing how close she was to her own father, decides that it would be cruel to abuse Heathcliff in front of Hareton.
  9. Heathcliff is startled by their resemblance to Catherine.
  10. Heathcliff admits that he is so consumed by his desire to be reunited with Catherine that his desire for revenge has been overshadowed.

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