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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

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Chapters 3–5 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions:

  1. Who owns the diary that Lockwood reads?
  2. Why does Lockwood reach out the window?
  3. What happens to Lockwood’s hand?
  4. After he leaves the room, what does Lockwood see Heathcliff do?
  5. Why does Nelly Dean know so much about Wuthering Heights?
  6. How did Heathcliff come to Wuthering Heights?
  7. How did Mr. Earnshaw treat Heathcliff?
  8. What was Cathy’s relationship with Heathcliff like?
  9. What was Hindley’s relationship with Heathcliff like?
  10. How did Joseph influence Mr. Earnshaw?

Quiz Answers:

  1. The diary belongs to Catherine Earnshaw.
  2. Lockwood keeps being awoken by the tapping sound of a tree branch on the window and finally gets frustrated enough to try to grab the branch.
  3. Lockwood tries to grab the branch but instead makes contact with the cold hand of Catherine’s ghost.
  4. Lockwood sees Heathcliff fling open the window and call out desperately to Catherine’s ghost, begging her to return.
  5. Nelly Dean knows a lot about the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights because she grew up as a servant there along with Heathcliff and the Earnshaw children.
  6. Heathcliff was brought to Wuthering Heights as a child after Mr. Earnshaw saw him living on the streets of Liverpool and took pity on him.
  7. Mr. Earnshaw showed great favoritism toward Heathcliff and clearly loved him more than his own children.
  8. Though Cathy was initially mean to Heathcliff, they quickly grew to be best friends.
  9. Hindley was extremely jealous of Heathcliff’s relationship with Mr. Earnshaw and grew to hate Heathcliff, often physically hurting him.
  10. Joseph uses his influence over Mr. Earnshaw to persuade him that Catherine and Hindley are wicked children.

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