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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

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Chapters 29–31 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions:

  1. Why does Heathcliff want Cathy to leave Thrushcross Grange?
  2. What does Heathcliff confess to Nelly while Cathy is packing upstairs?
  3. What is Nelly’s reaction to Heathcliff’s confession?
  4. How does Nelly hear about Cathy’s exploits at Wuthering Heights?
  5. What is Cathy forced to do when she arrives at Wuthering Heights?
  6. Why don’t Zillah and Hareton help Cathy?
  7. How does Cathy respond to Zillah’s and Hareton’s attempts at kindness after Linton’s death?
  8. What does Nelly consider after hearing about Cathy’s life at the Heights?
  9. Why does Lockwood ride out to Wuthering Heights?
  10. How does Cathy treat Hareton during Lockwood’s visit?

Quiz Answers:

  1. Heathcliff says that he intends to rent out Thrushcross Grange.
  2. Heathcliff admits that he broke into Catherine’s coffin when Edgar was buried.
  3. Nelly is horrified that Heathcliff disturbed the dead and reprimands him.
  4. Nelly hears what goes on at Wuthering Heights from Zillah, the housekeeper.
  5. Heathcliff forces Cathy to take care of the dying Linton on her own, though she begs him to call a doctor.
  6. Zillah and Hareton are under strict orders from Heathcliff not to help Cathy.
  7. Cathy rebuffs Zillah’s and Hareton’s attempts at friendship because they abandoned her when she first arrived.
  8. Nelly briefly considers quitting her job and taking Cathy away to live with her in a cottage. However, she quickly realizes that Heathcliff would never let Cathy go.
  9. Lockwood goes to Wuthering Heights to give notice to Heathcliff that he plans to leave early.
  10. Cathy mocks Hareton’s attempts to learn to read, eventually goading him so far that he strikes her and throws the books in the fire.

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