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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

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Chapters 26–28 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions:

  1. Why are Cathy and Nelly shocked by Linton’s condition?
  2. How does Linton react when Cathy and Nelly try to leave?
  3. Why do Cathy and Nelly not reveal Linton’s condition to Edgar?
  4. Why is Edgar happy to think Cathy will end up with Linton?
  5. What does Linton admit to Cathy about their visits?
  6. Why does Cathy get angry with Linton when she meets him for the second time?
  7. What is Heathcliff’s plan in locking Nelly and Cathy in the house?
  8. Why is Cathy so distraught about having to spend the night at Wuthering Heights?
  9. Why isn’t Edgar able to change his will when he finds out what has happened to Cathy?
  10. Why do Cathy and Nelly lie about Cathy’s marriage to Linton?

Quiz Answers:

  1. Cathy and Nelly are shocked to see that Linton is so weak that he can barely move, especially as they had heard he was getting better.
  2. Linton begs them to stay longer, though Cathy does not understand why he wants to continue to visit in his weakened state.
  3. Cathy and Nelly are confused by Linton’s health and decide to wait until they have seen him again to pass judgment on whether he is truly as well as he claims.
  4. Edgar likes Linton because Cathy and Nelly have never honestly related Linton’s poor character to him. Edgar only corresponds with Linton through letters, and it is implied that Heathcliff tells Linton what to write.
  5. Linton admits that Heathcliff is forcing him to visit with Cathy.
  6. When she finds out that Linton is being forced to see her, Cathy is furious that she left her dying father’s side to visit with someone so indifferent to her company.
  7. Heathcliff plans to hold Cathy hostage at Wuthering Heights until she marries Linton.
  8. Cathy knows that her disappearance will torment her already dying father and is afraid that he will die before she can see him again.
  9. Edgar attempts to contact his lawyer to have his will altered, but the lawyer cannot be found in time, and it is later revealed that Heathcliff paid him off.
  10. Cathy and Nelly conceal the truth from Edgar because they want him to die happy.

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