Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

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Chapters 13–14 Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions:

  1. How has Catherine changed since her illness?
  2. Why is Catherine’s pregnancy especially significant?
  3. What does Hindley tell Isabella on her first night at Wuthering Heights?
  4. In her letter, what does Isabella ask Nelly to do?
  5. What is Edgar’s response to Isabella’s unhappiness?
  6. What defense does Heathcliff offer for his treatment of Isabella?
  7. Why is Heathcliff especially angry at Edgar?
  8. What does Heathcliff want Nelly to do?
  9. Why does Nelly agree to set up a meeting between Heathcliff and Catherine?
  10. What does Lockwood think about after Nelly leaves?

Quiz Answers:

  1. Catherine recovers a little but remains very weak.
  2. Catherine’s pregnancy is important because the birth of a male heir will prevent Heathcliff and Isabella from inheriting Edgar’s estate.
  3. Hindley warns Isabella that every night, he visits...

(The entire section is 281 words.)