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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

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Chapter 34 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions:

  1. How do Heathcliff’s eating habits change?
  2. Where does Heathcliff go one night?
  3. How is Heathcliff changed after his night outside?
  4. What can Heathcliff be heard doing in his room at night?
  5. What does Nelly advise Heathcliff to do?
  6. How does Nelly sense something is amiss the morning she discovers Heathcliff’s body?
  7. Who is upset most by Heathcliff’s death?
  8. What do Cathy and Hareton plan to do?
  9. Where does Lockwood go after leaving Wuthering Heights?
  10. What does Lockwood conclude about the dead?

Quiz Answers:

  1. Heathcliff begins eating less and less until he refuses food altogether.
  2. Heathcliff spends an entire night rambling out on the moors.
  3. Heathcliff walks around the next day with an eerie expression of joy on his face.
  4. Nelly can hear Heathcliff pacing, groaning, and saying Catherine’s name in his room.
  5. Nelly advises Heathcliff to turn to God before he dies.
  6. Nelly notices that Heathcliff’s bedroom window is wide open even though there was a rainstorm the night before.
  7. Hareton is the most upset when Heathcliff dies.
  8. Cathy and Hareton plan to marry and move to Thrushcross Grange.
  9. Lockwood wanders to the graves of Catherine, Edgar, and Heathcliff.
  10. Lockwood concludes that the dead must surely be at peace.

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