Wuthering Heights Lesson Plans
by Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights book cover
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  • Wuthering Heights eNotes Teaching Guide

    This guide highlights some of the most salient aspects of Wuthering Heights before you begin teaching Emily Brontë's iconic novel. In studying Wuthering Heights with your students, you'll help themexperience  the rhetorical power of literary devices like allusion and foil. Students can also engage with important themes, such as gender roles and nature versus civilization.

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  • Wuthering Heights Themes Lesson Plan

    Theme Revealed Through Character Foils: This lesson plan focuses on Heathcliff and Edgar Linton as character foils. Students will learn about character foils by identifying similarities and differences between Heathcliff and Edgar and by considering how each character values wealth and status. By studying Heathcliff and Edgar as character foils,...

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