Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

A talented translator, W. S. Merwin has translated numerous works including The Poem of the Cid (1959), Persius’s Satires (1961), The Song of Roland (1963), Voices, by Antonio Porchia (1969, 1988), Transparence of the World, by Jean Follain (1969), Dante’s Purgatorio (2000), and poetry by Pablo Neruda and Osip Mandelstam. He has also written plays: Rumpelstiltskin, produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 1951; Pageant of Cain, produced by BBC Third Programme in 1952; and Huckleberry Finn, produced by BBC television, 1953. Darkling Child was produced in London by Arts Theatre in 1956, Favor Island was produced by Poet’s Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1957, and The Gilded West was produced in 1961 in Coventry, England, by the Belgrade Theatre. Merwin’s prose works include The Miner’s Pale Children (1970), Unframed Originals (1982), Regions of Memory: Uncollected Prose, 1949-1982 (1987, edited by Cary Nelson), The Lost Upland (1992), The Ends of the Earth: Essays (2004), and Summer Doorways: A Memoir (2005).