A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 9 Summary
by Madeleine L'Engle

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Chapter 9 Summary

Meg rushes toward the glass column in which her father is encased. She calls out to him, but she cannot reach him. Her father’s appearance has dramatically changed but she still recognizes him. Charles Wallace reacts to his father harshly. Meg admonishes her brother, reminding him that this man is his father even though he might not remember him. Calvin points out that he does not think Meg’s father can see her.

Charles Wallace remains unmoved by his reunion with his father. Instead, he uses the event to try to talk Meg into joining IT. Charles Wallace tells Meg that if she does as he has done and allow IT to control her mind, she will be helping their father. While Meg continues to plead with Charles Wallace to help their father, Calvin again tries to enter Charles Wallace’s mind so he might extract him from the power of IT. But again Calvin fails. Meg tells Calvin to take his attention off Charles Wallace and try to communicate with her father instead, but Calvin is too exhausted. He tells Meg that he feels Mrs. Who and her companions have asked too much of them. Then Meg remembers the glasses Mrs. Who gave to her. When she puts them on, she finds that she is able to work her way into the small, glass-enclosed room where her father is. She also is able to enter the glass column. Once inside, Meg calls out for him and then feels her father’s arms wrap around her. For the first time in a long time, Meg feels safe.

After they greet one another, Meg discovers that although she can see and feel her father, he cannot see her. So Meg takes off Mrs. Who’s glasses and gives them to her father. Mr. Murry’s vision is restored but now Meg finds herself in total darkness. She tells her father that he can escape the cell. At first Mr. Murry does not believe her. However, when he attempts it, he is able to push through the glass walls that had formerly imprisoned him. With the glasses on, he has the power to escape, but now Meg is caught behind the glass. So Mr. Murry returns to the other side and tells Meg to hold on tight to him. They push through the wall together.

Once everyone is free, Charles Wallace tells the group they must now go to see IT. Mr. Murry insists that Meg...

(The entire section is 629 words.)