Chapter 8 Summary

Meg screams at the man with the red eyes, demanding that he tell her where her brother is. The man tells Meg that she is acting hysterically. He points out that she can see Charles Wallace is right in front of her. He adds that she should take note that Charles Wallace is completely happy. Meg looks at her brother but will not accept the man’s conclusion. She knows that although the boy still looks like Charles Wallace, inside he is someone else.

Calvin tries to calm Meg down; he reminds her not to lose herself to her emotions. She must keep her mind clear so she will not become another victim of the man with the red eyes. Calvin tells her that Charles Wallace is in there somewhere. They need to hold onto him and not let him go. They will find him eventually, Calvin insists.

In the meantime, Charles Wallace tries to convince Meg and Calvin that they have been all wrong in the past. The man with the red eyes is a friend. Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who are their enemies. Meg and Calvin need to relax, Charles Wallace says, and accept the advice of the man with the red eyes. Neither Meg nor Calvin accepts this.

Calvin steps forward at this point and states that he knows someone is talking through Charles Wallace, and he wants to know who or what that someone is. The man with the red eyes tells Calvin it is not necessary for him to know more than that the person in charge is called the Prime Coordinator. When Calvin asks if the man with the red eyes will take them to Charles Wallace and Meg’s father, the man says Charles Wallace will take them there.

Then Meg remembers that Mrs. Whatsit told Calvin his gift was communication. She suggests that Calvin attempt to reach Charles Wallace by speaking to him both physically and mentally. Calvin tries to get inside Charles Wallace’s thoughts and is almost successful. But Charles Wallace does not fully escape the grasp that someone has on his mind.

As Meg and Calvin walk with Charles Wallace to find Mr. Murry, Charles Wallace continues to spew propaganda about life on Camazotz. He tells them that everyone there is happy because they are all alike—it is differences that cause problems. When Meg argues against this concept, Charles Wallace tells her if she continues to cause trouble, he might have to send her to IT. When Meg asks Charles Wallace what IT is, he only replies that IT is the boss.

The three of them finally arrive in a small room. In the center of that room they see a large transparent column. Inside the column is a man. Meg finally recognizes him as her father.