A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 7 Summary
by Madeleine L'Engle

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Chapter 7 Summary

Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin go to the CENTRAL Central Intelligence Building, where they suspect they can find those who are controlling the people of Camazotz. Once inside the building, Charles Wallace asks so many questions of a man there that the man feels compelled to report Charles for not complying with the norms of a child his age. Charles Wallace thinks this over and decides this might be a good idea, because perhaps they will be taken to whomever is in charge. Charles Wallace acts very confidently as the three of them are led down a long hall—until they come face to face with the man with the red eyes. Charles Wallace tells Meg that he has no idea who this person is, but he feels the man trying to get at him mentally. When they are standing in front of him, the man with the red eyes tells the children he has been waiting for them.

Charles Wallace warns Meg and Calvin to close their eyes so the man with the red eyes cannot hypnotize them. The man can read Charles Wallace’s thoughts and flatters him by saying he is very clever. However, none of them should be afraid of him because he is there to help them. He wants to ease all their pain. He wants to take on the burden of all their responsibilities, their thoughts, and their decisions. The man then asks Charles Wallace to recite the multiplication tables, in order to numb his mind. Charles Wallace fights back by saying a children’s nursery rhyme. Then the boy rushes forward and attempts to punch the man. Charles Wallace says he wants to know what the man is; he wonders if he is a robot. Charles Wallace is sure that the voice he hears is not coming from the man sitting in front of him but from somewhere else.

The man with the red eyes tells Charles Wallace that he must look into his eyes if he wants to find out who he is. If Charles Wallace does this, he will hear the man’s...

(The entire section is 539 words.)