A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 2 Summary
by Madeleine L'Engle

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Chapter 2 Summary

After having spent much of the previous night in the kitchen rather than sleeping in her bed, Meg wakes up grouchy. When she remembers the storm and having met Mrs. Whatsit, she hopes it was all a dream that is now over. Unfortunately, when Meg finds her mother in the kitchen, Mrs. Murry confirms that the strange events of last night did indeed occur. This does not improve Meg’s mood.

Meg recalls her mother’s strange reaction when Mrs. Whatsit mentioned something called a tesseract, and she asks her mother to explain. Mrs. Murry suggests that breakfast is not a good time to go into the matter. She tells Meg she will talk with her later.

At school, Meg’s thoughts lag well behind what is happening in the classroom. She cannot answer a question she had studied the night before while doing homework. When her teacher criticizes Meg for her lack of ability, Meg makes a smug remark. This earns Meg a trip to the principal’s office. Mr. Jenkins tells Meg that her teacher told him she has been very rude in class. Jenkins wants to know why Meg is acting this way. He wonders if something is going on at home that might be upsetting Meg. Meg can see through the principal’s intentions. She can tell that all he wants is a bit of gossip. When Meg refuses to give him intimate information about her family, the principal tells Meg that it is time to face facts; he implies it is time for Meg to realize her father is never coming home. Everyone knows how long Meg’s father has been away. Meg guesses that the woman at the post office has probably even told people how long it has been since Meg’s father sent them a letter, which is now over a year. At the end of their meeting, Mr. Jenkins suggests that Meg stop being so belligerent and uncooperative at school, and maybe that would help in her studies, too.

When Meg returns home from school, her youngest brother, Charles Wallace, is waiting for her. He has even packed her a bagful of food. He wants to take her to the haunted house in the woods so Meg can meet Mrs. Who. Mrs. Who lives with Mrs. Whatsit, he explains.

Just as they arrive at the haunted house, Meg and Charles Wallace hear their dog bark, and they stop short. When they peer through the woods, they see that their dog, Fortinbras, is standing in front of a tall, thin boy. Meg recognizes the youth as Calvin O’Keefe, a boy a couple of grades above her at school. Charles Wallace, who is only five years old, is unconcerned. He steps forward and...

(The entire section is 684 words.)