Chapter 12 Summary

When Meg sees Mrs. Whatsit, she runs to the woman’s arms—but before reaching her, Meg realizes Mrs. Whatsit is only partially physical. Mrs. Whatsit explains that they hurried there when they heard themselves being called. She asks what it is they want.

Meg informs Mrs. Whatsit that they need to rescue Charles Wallace. Mrs. Whatsit reminds Meg that there is nothing she can do. The three women cannot interfere; it is not their way. At this, Mr. Murry steps forward and asks if the women can teach him to tesser more efficiently so he can go back and get Charles Wallace. The women state that this would not work. They are sure Mr. Murry would not be successful. For this reason, the women cannot allow Mr. Murry to go back...

(The entire section is 622 words.)