A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 12 Summary
by Madeleine L'Engle

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Chapter 12 Summary

When Meg sees Mrs. Whatsit, she runs to the woman’s arms—but before reaching her, Meg realizes Mrs. Whatsit is only partially physical. Mrs. Whatsit explains that they hurried there when they heard themselves being called. She asks what it is they want.

Meg informs Mrs. Whatsit that they need to rescue Charles Wallace. Mrs. Whatsit reminds Meg that there is nothing she can do. The three women cannot interfere; it is not their way. At this, Mr. Murry steps forward and asks if the women can teach him to tesser more efficiently so he can go back and get Charles Wallace. The women state that this would not work. They are sure Mr. Murry would not be successful. For this reason, the women cannot allow Mr. Murry to go back to Camazotz.

Calvin jumps up to insist that he be the one to go. Calvin informs the women that he was almost able to pull Charles Wallace out of the trance. Calvin is sure he is the one who would most likely affect Charles Wallace and bring him back. At this suggestion, Mrs. Whatsit shakes her head. She tells Calvin that Charles Wallace is now even deeper into IT. If Calvin were to probe Charles Wallace mentally now, IT would surely trap Calvin, too.

Meg becomes angry. She shouts that she cannot be the one to go. She tells Mrs. Which that she knows they want her to go, but she just cannot do it. Then Meg begins to cry. Deep down, Meg knows she is the only one who can save Charles Wallace. She knows him the best. Charles Wallace also knows her better than he knows Calvin or their father, who has been absent during much of the young boy’s life. Meg is the only one who should go.

After saying good-bye to the others, Meg prepares herself to tesser to Camazotz. Although Mrs. Which cannot go with her, she will be the one in charge of transporting Meg to the other planet. Before Meg leaves, Mrs. Whatsit gives Meg her love. To help Meg, Mrs. Which tells her that she has something IT does not have. If Meg can figure out what that is, she will defeat IT.

Suddenly Meg is back on Camazotz. She is cold again. She walks through the town as she did before and goes directly to the CENTRAL Central Intelligence Building, where she knows she will find IT. As she nears, she feels...

(The entire section is 622 words.)