A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 10 Summary
by Madeleine L'Engle

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Chapter 10 Summary

Meg begins to return to consciousness. Her first sensation is of extreme cold. She feels so cold she wonders if she is frozen. She cannot move. She cannot speak. Although she can hear voices around her, the words sound as if they were made of ice.

She knows her father and Calvin are near her; she wonders where Charles Wallace is. Then her father notices a slight pulse returning in Meg. She wants to call out to tell him and Calvin that she is alive, but she is unable to. Meg’s confrontation with IT was too much for her. They tessered out of IT’s presence at the last possible moment—seconds away from Meg’s being completely mentally consumed by IT. The experience has left her dangerously depleted of energy.

Meg’s father and Calvin are looking over Meg. She hears her father explaining what had happened to him. In response to many of Calvin’s questions, Mr. Murry relates how he learned about tessering. Once discovered, the government agency for whom he was working wanted to test it. The first man in Mr. Murry’s group who attempted to tesser disappeared and never reappeared. Mr. Murry was the second one to try it. As he explains to Calvin, the process turned out to be more powerful than anyone had imagined. The scientists were toying with something they did not understand. They had figured out that matter and energy were the same thing and that time had a material basis. But their knowledge was like that of a young child in comparison to what they needed to learn—and it was far more dangerous than anyone had anticipated.

As Meg listens to her father, she feels more depressed. Previously, she had believed that once she found her father everything would be solved. But...

(The entire section is 465 words.)