Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Find someone who raises pigeons or another kind of bird. Prepare interview questions and conduct an interview to learn why this person raises them. What equipment is necessary? What does he need to know about health, diet, exercise, etc.? Choose a method to record your findings and share them with your peers.

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2. Research the carrier pigeon. Prepare a report to share in class.

3. Find out about pigeons. Use research tools in your library. Prepare a documentary-style video or other media of your choice to share your research.

4. Take a video camera and a bag of popcorn to a city park. Feed the pigeons. Record their behavior and the sounds they make. Compare what you observe to what Palmer observed about Nipper and the pigeons he saw one time in the city.

5. Conduct a survey among students about friendship. Create a list of questions and a rating scale by which you can record student responses. Make a chart of your findings and write an interpretation of your findings.

6. Dramatize your favorite portion of the story.

7. Invite a member of a gun club into your classroom to speak on safety rules for using guns.

8. Gun ownership is a volatile issue in this country. Choose friends to help you prepare and present a debate on the issues of gun ownership.

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