World War I Short Fiction Criticism: Central Powers - Essay

Criticism: Central Powers

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Pynsent, Robert. “The Last Days of Austria: Hašek and Kraus.” In The First World War in Fiction: A Collection of Critical Essays, edited by Hoger Klein, pp. 136-48. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1976.

[In the following essay, Pynsent finds parallels between the satirical military stories of Jaroslav Hašek and the drama of Karl Kraus.]

Most Czech First World War literature concerns the establishment of a Czechoslovak state. For all its horrors the war was in the end positive. Sassoon's bird suddenly burst out singing rather more meaningfully for Czechs and Slovaks than for the hung-over British, French, or Germans. Few Czech writers of war fiction...

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