World War I Short Fiction Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Short Story Criticism)

Women's Writing of the First World War [edited by Angela K. Smith] (short stories, novels, sketches, diaries, letters, and nonfiction) (anthology) 2000

John Peale Bishop
“Resurrection” (short story) 1922

Joseph Conrad
“The Tale” (short story) 1917

Georges Duhamel
Vie des martyrs: 1914-1916 [The New Book of Martyrs] (short stories) 1917
Civilisation 1914-1917 [Civilization; written under pseudonym Denis Thevenin] (short stories) 1918

Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Home Fires in France (short stories) 1918
The Day of Glory (short stories) 1919
Raw Material (short stories) 1923

Leonhard Frank
Der Mensch ist gut [Man Is Good] (short stories) 1918

Jaroslav Hašek
The Red Commissar, Including Further Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk and Other Stories (short stories) 1981

Ernest Hemingway
In Our Time (short stories) 1925

Rudyard Kipling
A Diversity of Creatures (short stories) 1917
Debits and Credits (short stories) 1926
Limits and Renewals (short stories) 1932

Ellen La Motte
The Backwash of War (short stories and sketches) 1916

D. H. Lawrence
England, My England, and Other Stories (short stories) 1922

Andreas Latzko
Menschen im Krieg [Men in Battle; also published as Men in War] (short stories) 1917

Wyndham Lewis
The Wild Body (novel and short stories) 1927
Blasting and Bombardiering (memoir and short stories) 1937

Arthur Machen
The Angels of Mons: The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War (short stories) 1915

Katherine Mansfield
The Garden Party, and Other Stories (short stories) 1922

Berta Ruck
Khaki and Kisses (short stories) 1915

Bruno Vogel
Es lebe der Krieg! Ein Brief [Long Live War! A Letter] (short stories) 1925

Fritz von Unruh
Opfergang [Way of Sacrifice] (sketches) 1919

Edith Wharton
“Coming Home” (short story) 1915
The Marne (novella) 1918
“The Refugees” (short story) 1919