World War I Short Fiction Criticism: German Writers Of Short Fiction - Essay

Harvey W. Hewett-Thayer (essay date 1924)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Hewett-Thayer, Harvey W. “The Novel of the Great War.” In The Modern German Novel: A Series of Studies and Appreciations, pp. 214-53. Boston: Marshall Jones Company, 1924.

[In the following essay, Hewett-Thayer provides a survey of German World War I novels and short fiction, asserting that the fiction of period offers valuable insight into the German nationalistic psychology.]

In discussing contemporary affairs it is far easier to be diverting than to be comprehensive or penetrating. This circumstance lends support to the familiar saying that criticism of current literature is merely “conversation.” Any attempt at critical evaluation of current work...

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Wolfgang G. Natter (essay date 1999)

(Short Story Criticism)

SOURCE: Natter, Wolfgang G. “Remembering the Body: Bruno Vogel's Es Lebe Der Krieg! Ein Brief” In Literature at War, 1914-1940: Representing the “Time of Greatness” in Germany, pp. 192-202. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 1999.

[In the following excerpt, Natter demonstrates both how Bruno Vogel's Es Lebe Der Krieg! Ein Brief and its usage of the letter form bear witness to the conditions in Germany affecting the literary representation of World War I in three distinct phases: the war years, the Weimar Republic, and Nazi Germany.]

Even while the four-to-one ratio between war-affirmative and antiwar books published as of 1933 suggests the...

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