World War II

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Which province did the Allies invade during World War II?

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I am sorry to have to change your question so much, but we can only answer one question at a time.  We cannot do something like putting an answer for each of what were essentially 20+ separate questions. 

The answer to this question is that Normandy is the province which the Allies invaded in World War II.  This was the famed D-Day invasion that occurred on June 6, 1944.  The Allies crossed the Channel from England and invaded Normandy.  They managed to convince Hitler that the actual invasion was going to come in the Pas de Calais region to the north and east of the actual Normandy landings.

With reference to your original question, be sure not to put Normandy as the place from which William the Conqueror’s fleet set sail.  While William himself was from Normandy, he did not set sail from that area. Instead, his fleet spent some time in Picardy waiting for the wind to allow them to cross the Channel there, where it is narrower than it is off of Normandy.  That question is probably meant to catch you off guard.

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