The World According to Garp

by John Irving

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Topics for Further Study

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Irving has said that the The World According to Garp was not influenced by American political and social events of the sixties because he spent half of that decade in Austria. Write an essay using examples from the novel to contradict him.

Duncan Garp illustrates a version of "The Pension Grillparzer" with his father. Using the media of your choice (pencils, paints, clay, etc.), illustrate a scene or scenes from Garp's short story.

Near the end of the novel, Garp discusses his ideas for his next three novels: My Father's Illusions, The Death of Vermont, and The Plot Against the Giant. Write your own first chapter for one of these novels using information from the book.

The Ellen Jamesians mutilate themselves in protest of violence against women. Do you think this is realistic? What are some of the extreme methods people have used throughout history to protest real or imagined injustices?

Study and discuss the world of book publishing. What do you think makes one book a bestseller and another a failure? What are some examples of books that were both critical and popular successes, and what do these books have in common?

Look up the official rules of high school and college wrestling. Compare these rules to what is currently known as "professional wrestling."

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