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The Work of Nations by Robert B. Reich focuses on the economic issues that the United States experiences in the twenty-first century. The author is a politician and was once the secretary of labor in President Bill Clinton’s administration. He strives to enlighten the reader about the economic and educational challenges facing twenty-first-century America.

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One of the major themes in the book is education. Reich reveals the relationship between a good education system and a country’s economy. Throughout the book, the author makes several predictions about the future of the United States. Some of his predictions, however, have not come true. A case in point is the prediction that Japan would become the new economic superpower. Conversely, some of the predictions that Reich makes have happened. For instance, the author notes:

There will be no national products or technologies, no national corporations, no national industries. (3)

The above predictions are coming to fruition today as globalization has taken the front seat in influencing economic progress. Despite the author providing a glimpse into the future, his sentiments should be taken with a grain of salt, as the book was published in 1991, when terrorism was not as rampant as it is today.

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